branding / packaging

Consciously chosen green cosmetics
branding and packaging.

The primary goal was to design more suitable packaging for the future, which means using materials that are more rapidly degradable or are meant to be reused.

about project

The conceptual scheme of the project originates in a wish to evoke the following feeling in the consumer: natural beauty is the source of self-confidence. Packaging is presented as a medium of communication, awareness about self-image, and true natural beauty.

From a psychological point of view, the packaging will be more successful if it triggers an emotional reaction in a consumeror if its story supports his/her philosophy on life.

A slider box for a hard lotion bar is designed as the packaging with a secondary function; which means that the first, original usage (protection of a product) can be followed by an additional one, related to consumptional intention. Box can transform into a mirror, where you can place your personalized text which adds value for a consumer.

Having considered all the mentioned aspects, brand Odeur that consists of a line of natural cosmetic products for women was made.

work with me

Brands are like people. They stand out through their unique personalities and attitudes.

If you would like to create something with attitude, drop me a note.